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5 Reasons to Start Windsurfing Today

5 Reasons to Start Windsurfing TodayWindsurfing is an easy learning sport and clearly does not concern just those who think of becoming champions in it. Anyone could start windsurfing today to maintain his physical condition and stay at a high level of physical health! Nemely Windsurf & SUP Surf Center in Santorini, gives you 5 reasons to start windsurfing … today!


Windsurfing is like cross-fit training, but it is infinitely fun! Time passes quickly and pleasantly while your body gradually turns into the body you have always dreamed of because it simply focuses on all of its parts: hands, shoulders, back, and legs while discovering muscles in your body that you never knew you had them.

Obviously, all sports offer the ability to build your body. Some of you may be more focused on cardio performance, while others want to increase their strength, others their speed.

Windsurfing offers all of the aforementioned, and the most important part of your body’s workout intensity varies depending on your level of sport. The necessity, as your level increases, for more precise movements and reflexes, works from the beginning efficiently for your body while as you go up you will see a great increase in your strength. Start windsurfing today to find that is a workout that involves all levels of fitness.


The direct relationship of windsurfing with the elements of nature, sunlight, seawater, and the wind gives the greatest sense of freedom one can find in a sport. Indeed, while you are on the board the feeling of wind combined with water and the sun will make you forget everything and leave yourself alone in moments of freedom!


Like any sport, windsurfing outside the physical state also improves mental. Escape to the beach to get involved with Windsurfing helps to avoid stress while the nature of the sport is such that it always keeps you focused on what you do, leaving no room for other thoughts and problems of everyday life. The whole equation of this balance includes only you, your windsurfing equipment, water, and wind!

Windsurfing is also recommended to those who seek extreme experiences and helps overcome any weaknesses while being the perfect solution for those who want to feel their adrenaline go up!

Through your Windsurfing experience, you will be able to meet amazing people, while the dedication that it requires and the elements of nature that are always present, increase mutual aid amongst the occupants.


Really, it’s easy to learn how to windsurf, and start windsurfing today. Even if you have never done it in the past, after a two-hour lesson you can start your first efforts on your own!

The different forms of the sport available (Windsurf, SUP Surf, Hydrofoil, etc.) help you to increase or decrease the initial learning curve depending on your abilities.


At Nemely Windsurf & SUP Surf Center in Santorini, you do not need either monthly subscriptions or buy your own equipment to start windsurfing. Of course, you can take lessons and when you reach a satisfactory level buy your own equipment that you need to upgrade along with improving your own level. For even less expense, however, until you reach this level, renting the equipment at hourly or daily cost. With a small cost, windsurfing can easily become your favorite habit!


Whether you’ve never tried windsurfing before or are confidently shredding waves, our windsurfing center welcomes anyone and everyone in Avis Beach, Santorini, Greece


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